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I Shall Wear Midnight: A Story of Discworld (Discworld Novels)

I Shall Wear Midnight - Terry Pratchett Review originally posted at EmmaMaree.comI recently read Terry Pratchett's latest Tiffany Aching/The Wee Free Men series book, "I Shall Wear Midnight".I love Sir Terry Pratchett's writing, and I wasn't disappointed at all here - the same wonderful mix of humor and wordplay was abundant, alongside the detailed worldbuilding that surrounds the Discworld novels.It was a lot darker than previous books, though - the story opens with a village riot, and Tiffany helping out a village girl who's been beaten up by her father and lost a child because of it. Tiffany is trying to take care of the locals in her home, The Chalk, but with rumors spreading and fear rising against witches, her job is becoming not just unglamorous, but dangerous.  She's determined to find out the cause, knowing that her home and her life both hang in the balance.Some of the descriptions were more graphic than usual for this series, and while the previous books were suitable for young readers this one definitely leans more towards the female YA reader crowd.