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I’m so ready to do this!

I participated in the 2013 reading challenge and did pretty well.

Setting a goal of 30 books and accomplishing that plus some with 42 books!

So I decided with this years goal to “up the ante” and

go with 50 books.


I’ll be updating my progress on goodreads, tumblr, and here as well.


On here I’ll probably name and post a picture of the book once I’ve completed reading it, tagging it 50 book challenge/2014 book challenge.


First up: I'm currently reading Quintana of Charyn by Melina Marchetta, book 3 of The Lumatere Chronicles.

The final book of the series and the breaking of my heart :(


Happy Reading to all and A HAPPY NEW YEAR


I am so doing this.

Emma's YA Fiction Recommendations

Writer Chuck Wendig had a blog post up today looking for Young Adult (teen) book recommendations, which got me thinking about the kind of YA novels I would recommend for newcomers to genre. I've included my list below, mostly so I can update it on-the-go as other old favourites come to mind.


I'm curious about what books you guys and girls would recommend. What have I missed from the below? Any glaringly missing genres? Let me know!

Attack on Titan, Volume 1 - Hajime Isayama

Good, but the anime is far superior (better pacing and a kick arse soundtrack).

Fangirl - Rainbow Rowell

I'm really upset that this book is over. I want more of it. It was perfect. Gaaaahhhhh.

Anna Dressed in Blood - Kendare Blake Finished this in two days. One of the most authentic 'teen boy' narrators I've read in YA, and some very layered, interesting characters and relationships. I'll be recommending this one to people, especially "Supernatural" fans.It's not a perfect story. It lacks empathy, at points -- people die and the characters just roll with it without really feeling the loss. But I instantly went and bought the second book. That should speak for itself, really.
Runemarks - Joanne Harris Dropped my plans to read this one due to the author's treatment of book bloggers.http://www.goodreads.com/review/show/647505991http://joannechocolat.tumblr.com/post/53587505805/a-storm-in-a-tweecup-or-dont-shit-in-the-sandbox
Runelight (Runemarks, #2) - Joanne Harris Dropped my plans to read this one due to the author's treatment of book bloggers.http://www.goodreads.com/review/show/647505991http://joannechocolat.tumblr.com/post/53587505805/a-storm-in-a-tweecup-or-dont-shit-in-the-sandbox
What's Left of Me - Kat Zhang One of the coolest, most thought-provoking concepts I've come across in YA. This is some incredibly deep, high-concept sci-fi while still keeping the pace and rhythm of YA. Loved it.
The Complete Maus - Art Spiegelman Maus (a Holocaust memoir comic) is such a brilliant book, but it's incredibly draining to read. I had to take breaks just to get away from the bleakness of it.It really is a perfect use of the comic medium, though. The Jews are depicted as (humanoid) mice, the Germans as cats. Without the cartoonishness it would be unbearably graphic. The heavily-accented dialogue from the author's Jewish father Vladek also works well as short, streamlined comic dialogue.A difficult read, but a masterpiece.
Hawkeye, Vol. 1: My Life as a Weapon - Matt Fraction, David Aja, Javier Pulido Best Marvel comic I have *ever* read. Just fantastic.
Unravel Me - Tahereh Mafi Review to come.
Self-Editing for Fiction Writers: How to Edit Yourself Into Print - Renni Browne, Dave    King One of my favourite craft books since "On Writing". A very good, clearly written guide to the technical side of writing. Highly recommended.
The Smitten Kitchen Cookbook - Deb Perelman This cookbook is based on the Smitten Kitchen blog, which everyone with even a passing interest in cooking or baking should take a look at.I want to make EVERY meal in this cookbook. So far though, I've only managed one: the brown butter rice crispie cakes. Hoping to try the brioches soon, and I dream of a day I'm confident enough to try making the marshmallow cake, which seems to be a book exclusive recipe.Smitten Kitchen leans very strongly towards sweet meals (the breakfast section includes muffins, brioches and pancakes), and I find the sweet meals are usually its strong point, but it also has quite a nice selection of vegetarian meals.
Johnny Wander, Vol. 1: Don't Burn the House Down - Ananth Panagariya, Yuko Ota My Kickstarter collecting arrived today, it's great to be able to take a trip down memory lane and read through the old strips of one of my favourite webcomics. It's fun to see the leap in quality between the start and end of the book as well.
Batman: Hush - Scott A. Williams, Jeph Loeb, Jim Lee After reading the mess that was "A Death In The Family" I'm really enjoyed this... gorgerous art, decent colouring, and a good (not great, but solid enough) plot. Pacing went to pot in the final issues though, and I got tired of the way female characters get conveniently pausing in pin-up poses.
Thor The Mighty Avenger (Volume 2) - Roger Langridge, Chris Samnee This is a well-paced series with snappy writing; clean, simplified inking and a bright colour palette. It's a lot of fun to read through.The other Marvel heroes who are featured in this issue are well-written and true-to-form, and I think I actually enjoyed Namor and Tony Stark's roles more than Thor and Jane's.This is one of my favourite Thor series in a while, a great read for old fans as well as a fantastic introductory series for new fans. It's just a shame it got cancelled before a lot of the plot could actually be resolved.