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The Walking Dead, Vol. 1: Days Gone Bye - Tony Moore, Robert Kirkman Never before has grey-scale art been so perfectly bloody.It's black-and-white violence and angular, Americanised style can take some getting used to, with it's cartoon and comic-inspired looks all the more jarring for fans of horror art; and the plot gets off to a slow start - but givn time to get into it, 'Days Gone Bye', cringe-worthy title regardless, unfolds until a deeply-rooted morale tale well illustrated despite the restraints of it's limited colours.A definite recommendation to anyone who enjoys the true morality of zombie tales - the political and personal depth of Romero is given a true homage in this cmic. Those there for bloodshed and shabling, moaning things might be better off picking up one of Remore's modern-day, plot-stripped DVD remakes instead.