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Dragonology: The Complete Book of Dragons - Ernest Drake, Wayne Anderson, Helen Ward, Douglas Carrel For anyone interested in writing about or drawing dragons, it proves invaluable, with it's wealth of high-quality artwork and descriptions on the creatures. For fleshing out your idea of dragons for your fantasy art or novels, it's perfect, and anyone with artistic sense will adorable the effort put into the illustrations.For those looking for some absorbing fiction, though, it will only disappoint - as much as it pretends to be serious, it falls flat on it's face with cheap props - shiny paper and glitter make up most of the 'proof' of dragons existing.What makes it worse is that "Dragonology" still stands as one of the higher-quality and more convincing of the 'Ologies'.So if you're looking for something thought-provoking, or, for the odder among you - 'proof' - then it will sorely disappoint.But if you're willing to let go of the resentment at that, or if you just read it for the fun of it, it's great. An interesting, interactive book that young children would adore. A job well done, really.