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Blacksad 04 Enfer et Le Silence L' - Canales Diaz This is possibly Juanjo Guarnido's finest artwork so far, following his black cat detective to sunny New Orleans and featuring a stunning Mardi Gras parade sequence.However, the storytelling seems to fall flatter than the last collectio. Flashbacks are handled clumsily with almost no indication that we're in a different timeline, and there's less bite to the story: Blacksad has no personal connection to the people involved, and there's less of the serious political themes of the last volume.This collection contains one full issue of Blacksad, two two-page short stories, and a bucketload of notes from the artist about why he colours his panels the way he does. The art explanations are fun for a while, but I can only read so much about the comic's art theory before getting tired of it. After the packed-to-the-brim first Blacksad collection this is a little disappointing, but perhaps that's only because I was expecting another three collected issues.